Weather Defense

–Tornado or Severe Thunderstorm Watch–

Weather Conditions Are Favorable For The Development Of Tornadoes Or Severe Thunderstorms. Yellow Is Generally The Color Used For Severe Thunderstorm, And Red Is Usually Associated With Tornadoes. Be Prepared To Take Action And Monitor NOAA Weather Radio Or TV For Further Updates And Possible Warnings.

–Severe Thunderstorm Warning–

A Severe Thunderstorm Is Associated With Wind Speeds of 58 Miles Per Hour, Hail 1″ [inch] (New Requirement, Formerly 3/4 Inch) And Heavy Rain. Action: Stay Indoors Away From Windows. Severe Thunderstorms May Not Require You To Go To A Shelter, But Can Still Cause Significant Damage. Tornadoes And Strong Winds Result From Severe Thunderstorms. If In A Mobile Home, Seek Nearby Shelter. Be Aware Of Potential Flooding/Flash Flooding.

–High Winds Warning–

When Wind Speeds of 75 Miles Per Hour Or More Are Reached In A Severe Thunderstorm. Action: Treat This Like A Tornado Warning. Use The Same Shelter You Would As In The Event Of A Tornado.

–Tornado Warning–

A Tornado Has Been Spotted, Or A Thunderstorm Exhibiting Characteristics That Would Indicate A High Probability Of A Tornado In The Immediate Future. Action: Take Shelter Immediately. Move Indoors In The Lowest Level In The Most Interior Room. if Caught Outside, Lay Flat In A Ditch Or Low Area. Be Aware Of Flooding. Do Not Try To Outrun A Tornado. A Vehicle Is One Of The Most Dangerous Places To Be During A Tornado.

–Flash Flood Watch–

A Flash Flood Watch means a flash flood is possible in your area.  Stay alert for rapidly changing conditions and be prepared to take defensive actions should flood waters approach.

–Flash Flood Warning–

A Flash Flood warning means Flash Flooding is actually occurring or is imminent in the warning area.  Take defensive measures IMMEDIATELY to protect Life and property.